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How to: split up a large file with WinRAR

Amber Sass


WinRAR is already known as a fantastic file compression tool. It can do a lot of other useful things too though, one of which is splitting up large files into several smaller ones.

If you want to share a large file with someone else, its size might make doing so a bit tricky. A great way to work around this is to break up one big file into several files of a smaller size.

WinRAR can split up files quickly and effectively. It’s also very easy to do. In fact, it only takes three simple steps!

1. Locate the file you want to split up. Right click on the file and choose the Add to archive option.

2. Under the General tab, choose a name for the file you want to split. WinRAR will automatically choose one for you if you don’t.

Under the Split to volumes, bytes option, you can choose a maximum size for each file you’re going to split your larger file into. You can also click the drop down menu and pick from one of several available size options.

This window is also where you can choose a number of different advanced options such as saving any security features the original file had or even manually adding a note to the file. You can browse these additional options within the other tabs, although none are actually required to split up your file.

3. Click OK once you’ve chosen the size you want your smaller files to be. WinRAR will then automatically compress the original file and split it into several smaller files. You can choose to pause WinRAR’s progress if you like (but warning: it can be pretty fast!) or have it run in the background through some of the button options at the bottom of this window.

Once WinRAR is done, the window will disappear and all of your new, smaller files will appear ordered numerically on your desktop.

Quick and simple, WinRAR is a really useful application to have in your PC toolkit!

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