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4 Tips to Get the Most Out of WinRAR

Patrick Devaney


Without doubt, WinRAR is one of the most powerful file compression tools available, almost everybody has used it at some point. Ask yourself a question though, do you really know how to get the most out of it? Check out these tips and get to know WinRAR a bit better.

1. Change Your View

Get the Most Out of WinRAR with these 4 Tips Change Your View
It is easy to make WinRAR look like a regular Window rather than a single pane experience

By default, WinRAR provides a single-pane experience. This may work for you, but for many people, the Windows-like Explorer view is not only more comfortable and familiar, but also more convenient and efficient. To change your view in WinRAR, simply click on Options in the tab menu, then select Folder Tree, and then select Show Disk Folder. This will give you a more detailed and Windows-like experience when selecting files and destinations.

2. See How Long It Will Take to Compress

Get the Most Out of WinRAR with these 4 Tips How Long it will Take to compress
If you want to see how long a job will take before you start it, WinRAR gives you the option

Another way to get the most out of WinRAR is to use the estimation function. When you choose to compress a large file, it can take a long time for the process to complete and you might want to know how long it will take to complete the process. In order to find this out, click on the Information tab. There, you’ll see an Estimate option that will provide you with not only an estimate time to compress the file, but also an estimate as to how much space you’ll save once the compression is complete. This is not only helpful in determining how long it will take, but it is also helpful in knowing what to expect when it comes to being able to send files to family and friends once compressed.

Don’t miss this video to get more information.

3. Split Files Into One Archive

Get the Most Out of WinRAR with these 4 Tips Split Files into 1 Archive
Did you know you can split your files into an Archive using WinRAR?

You can also use WinRAR to split files from one directory and join them into a separate archive. To do this, right click on the file or folder you want to split and then choose Add Files to Archive. You can go on to access Split to File/Bytes in the Tabs menu. You will be given the option to split the file or folder based upon format and size, allowing you total control over what goes where.

4. Update Your Security Protocol

No matter how you choose to use WinRAR, make sure you do so securely. You can password-protect your files and stop others viewing the file names contained within an archive with a few simple steps.

Get the Most Out of WinRAR with these 4 Tips Update your security protocol
You can easily set a password to protect your files using WinRAR

First, add files to a new archive by clicking on the Add icon. Next, when presented with tabs, select General, create a name for your new archive, and click on Set Password in the bottom right-hand corner. This allows you to add a password to your archive, meaning no one without the password can access it. Only share this password with people you trust, and know that this password can be shared with others across the web.

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