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How to Fix Checksum Error on WinRAR in 4 Simple Solutions

Shaun M Jooste


There is nothing more frustrating than downloading a zipped folder and trying to extract the files with WinRAR only to get a Checksum error that prohibits you from extracting the files.

This error usually occurs when there goes something wrong during the download process, and the file has lost bytes or even gained extra bits. When this error pops up, you will not be able to extract the files to your Windows or Mac device. So, what can you do to resolve this issue?

  1. Choose the Option to Download Broken Files

    How to Fix Checksum Error on WinRAR

    In this method, you will choose to download all broken files during the extraction.

    – Right-click on the RAR file.
    – Choose the ‘Extract File’ option.
    – In the new window, navigate to the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab. Then tick the checkbox next to the ‘Keep Broken Files’ option.
    – Finally, select the extraction location and select ‘Ok’ to start extracting.

  2. Repair the Broken RAR Files

    How to Fix Checksum Error on WinRAR

    In this method, we will show you how to repair your corrupted RAR files so that you can continue to extract them without issues.

    – Right-click on the RAR file.
    – In the drop-down menu, choose ‘Open with WinRAR.’
    – In the new window, click on the ‘Tools’ option and then select ‘Repair Archive.’
    – Choose the destination where you want to extract the file to.
    – The repair process will start. Once it is finished, click on ‘Ok’ to start the extraction.

  3. Download the RAR File Again

    How to Fix Checksum Error on WinRAR

    Try to download the RAR file again. If the Checksum error was caused by issues during the downloading process, such as drops on the internet, then redownloading the broken file can be a simple fix.

  4. Method 4: Uninstall and Reinstall WinRAR

    How to Fix Checksum Error on WinRAR

    If the problem continues and none of the previously mentioned methods work, you may have to consider uninstalling and reinstalling WinRAR. Your WinRAR may be having this error due to a bug, virus, or other problem with the software. Reinstalling the software may fix any of these issues.

Simple Fixes to Errors Make Everyone Happy

Fixing the Checksum error in WinRAR doesn’t have to be frustrating, with these four simple ways to fix the error and get you back to extracting files quickly.

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