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As a major compression-freak, I test all new released compression-programs out there. I stick to my main WinRAR though. Ofcourse, 7zip is free en compresses slightly better, but misses a lot of features that WinRAR does have. What about extracing multiple archives in a queue modus (reduces your CPU load), deletes archive-file(s) after extraction, deletes added files after creation of a new archive, multi CPU, etcetera. It worth's its price, but only if you don't want a nagscreen.

  • Stable program: I never had one crash in years
  • Intuitive interface
  • Queue/batch your "extraction" and "add/create" processes
  • Automatically deletes archives after extraction
  • Automatically deletes files after creation of a new archive
  • No possibility to create .7z archives (but thats rather logical)
  • Easier way to create your own themes

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28 Aug 2008

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