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"Very Simple and Easy to Use"

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WinRAR is a very simple and easy to use file archiver. When you click on a compressed file, it will instantly show you everything there without a tree-style panel in the way. It is also very easy to drag and drop all of the items in the compressed file to another location with WinRAR. If you need just need something simple to open up your compressed file and either don't mine paying after the trial ends or don't mind the nag screen after the trial ends, then this is definitely one of the best.

It's weakness is it's compression ability. PC World ran a test a few years back and WinRAR rated one of the lowest when it comes to compressing files falling behind ZipGenius, the only freeware Archiver tested. PowerArchiver took home the award for best overall file compression with the highest compression rate.

If you don't compress files, and just want something simple to decompress your compressed files, WinRAR is one of the best. However if you compress some of your files and folders to make extra room on your portable drive, your best off finding an alternative like the new freeware version of PowerArchiver.

  • Clean Interface
  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Easy Drag And Drop Feature
  • Nag Screen After Trial Period Ends
  • Low Compression Rate

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10 Jul 2010

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